Why America Disgusts Me

I’m disgusted to be American but own it entirely because it is my birthright to do so. My ancestors paid for this right in blood so I do not run from it in cowardice.

Why am I disgusted you maybe asking? I’m disgusted because of how we treat our friends: have you seen the latest on the disastrous pullout in Afghanistan? Afghanis who risked their lives and provided assistance to this country during its 20 year war in theirs have been left behind, subjected to Taliban rule and retaliation.

I’m disgusted with racist leaders that continue to undermine Black people’s voting rights, and the racist leaders who pretend as if they’re doing something constructive about it.

I’m also disgusted with Black people who continue to go out of their way to make Whites feel comfortable. This includes Black people who use feminist standards as a guideline for what Black empowerment is: there is nothing empowering about women dressing like sluts or men in dresses.

Mostly, I’m disgusted with our collective efforts at improving our situation in this country, all rooted in dependence on Whites. Tariq Nasheed’s campaign to create the first true Black museum is evidence of this. It took him way too long to raise a pathetic million dollars for an institution that’s terribly needed, and we all know why: because there are no White people involved in the project. This propensity to depend on others to handle the responsibilities of nationhood comes from a slave mindset. This mindset must be eliminated immediately or we will continue getting our asses whooped.

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