Trump Supporters’ Assault On The Capitol

Trump supporters assault on the Capitol undermines the democratic process.

This is a podcast that covers news and current events from a black perspective. If you’re easily offended by truth, you better get the fuck off of here right now. Go to MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News. You’ve been warned.

On this episode I talk about the violence that happened yesterday at the capitol building.

Because of the absence of the National Guard yesterday at the Capitol, I incorrectly accused DC’s Mayor of negligence. I was wrong, and give her full credit for requesting the National Guard’s presence days before the planned protest.

Also, congressional members’ hypocrisy was on full display last night. The Trump supporters assault on the Capitol yesterday, and Republican lawmakers’ collective response, reveals this fact. The same lawmakers that enabled Trump and his supporters’ reckless rhetoric, condemned them for acting out on what they have said for months they would do. Pathetic.

Lastly, law enforcement’s response to Trump supporters’ assault on the U.S. Capitol was noticeably different than their response to Black Lives Matter protesters this summer. This country has a race problem, and yesterday was just a manifestation of this fact. The leadership in this country like to pretend as if “were all Americans” and that “we will pull through this together.” Leaders that are not honest with the political realities in which we live are not helpful in making the best policy and legislative decisions; they are dangerous.

Some on social media believe that as a result of yesterday’s violence, the behavior of the Republican party will improve. I hope this is the case, but do not believe it one bit.

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