Racism And Education: The Education System Does Not Effectively Serve Black Children

I go over the relationship between racism and education on this episode. This is part of a 10 part series in which I explain racism using the major areas of human activity: economics, education, entertainment, health, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, technology, and war.

The best kind of education at its core concerns itself with acquiring and holding on to power. This is the kind of education that black people need because we have collectively forgotten about power. We prioritize entertainment over power. We are too concerned with entertaining others and don’t take ourselves seriously, and don’t expect anyone else too as well.

Black children sit in schools across this country and rot their minds out as a result of mis-information and irrelevant material presented to them. Black children want to learn about power so that they can have more control over their lives than they observe their parents having. A lot of the disconnect between black teachers and students in the schools comes from the fact that black children view black education professionals as perpetuating this racist system, and they are right to do so.

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racism and education

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