Political Agenda

Black people do not have a common political agenda, which is why we benefit the least in the American political system.  Listed below is an example of a political agenda that is achievable within a 10 year time frame, and serves the specific interests of Black people.  Because of the past behavior of White people, it is of great importance that any kind of cohesive, political action taken by Black people NOT be made public knowledge, for the less opposition we have to our efforts, the easier it will be to accomplish our political goals.

  1. Black people must legally and systematically penetrate all legislative, judicial, and executive bodies at the local, state, and federal levels.  This is only done with Black dollars, and support is only given to candidates that adhere to a very specific but simple code: ensuring that no one is mistreated, and those in need of the most help receives the most constructive help.
  2. Black people must legally and systematically penetrate law enforcement at the local, state, and national levels.  This is done partly by voting in mayors at the city level who in turn use their political power and skill to target young, Black people for hire in police departments across the country.  Black families should actively prepare their children for service in law enforcement on a grand scale, ensuring that their children understand and adhere to the code.
  3. Black people must work to ensure that between 3-5% of federal and state budgets are allocated towards the training and development of Black children annually.  This training and development is not any kind of liberal arts education, but is solely focused on preparing Black children to develop and manage nations, and also be good stewards of power.