Podcasting from a Black Perspective

Greetings! The Barbershop is a brand new podcast that gives news, opinions on current events and trending topics, political analysis, and recommendations for Black Americans who appreciate the truth about the world in which we live, and our shared cultural, political, and social places in it. This is not your average podcast; you’ve been warned.

There are not many podcasts online that cover issues from a truly Black perspective. One of the reasons for this I believe is because many of the companies that produce these podcasts are owned by Whites who tend to cater to the sensibilities of their mainstream audiences, who are easily offended when issues are covered from a truly Black perspective.

Ever since the elimination of Black talk radio in the mid to late 90s, there has been a void of information and ideas in the marketplace that address our specific needs. Instead of informative, thought provoking programming, there is way too much silliness and foolishness. There is more seriousness in podcasting, but the same pressures that negatively impact Black radio today negatively impact Black podcasters as well.

To access the podcast, go to the podcast section in the menu options and click on “The Barbershop.” I ask that you not just listen, but to participate as well. Leave comments and follow me on Twitter. If you don’t agree with me about something, post your counter argument in the comments. I also want you guys who do agree with me to post as well. Do everything you can to challenge your positions on the issues, but don’t just listen and not offer anything of substance back.

Lastly, I provide all of the time and resources to produce this podcast myself because it is something Black people need. This is the only way a podcast like this gets done; Whites generally are not interested in being honest about their culpability in this racist system.

So if you listen to the podcast and find it constructive in any kind of way, please demonstrate Black self-respect and support. You can do so by donating to my cash app in the menu options. You can also support by following me on Twitter and telling your followers about the podcast, or by subscribing to the show on one of the major podcasting platforms: iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Thank you, and welcome to The Barbershop.

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