Coca Cola Fights Racism and Whites Push Back

Coca Cola fights racism with honesty and Whites push back??? But they’re our allies right?

Racial classifications and their meanings must be eradicated and forgotten if racism is to be peacefully eliminated. Coca Cola recently encouraged its employees to participate in an anti-racism course that in part shares this sentiment. The course, no longer offered, was very clear in its goal: to guide people towards being “less White.”


Ruthless Aggression

Don’t Fall For The “Your A Militant” Bullshit!

This article is about an idea in which Black people pursue their political interests with ruthless aggression. If they call you militant, so what? If they call you racist, so what? Think about it: are they calling you these things because you are these things, or because of the threat you pose at their ability to continue mistreating you politically, socially, and economically unopposed?

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The Importance Of Consensus Building

Failed Violent Insurrection

On January 6, Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol building in an attempt to undermine the democratic process and keep their chosen candidate in power. They failed because consensus was not built in the right places to support what they wanted to do: overturn the election results. 70 million people voted for President Trump, and even though they did so at the expense of democratic norms, it still was not enough for them to maintain their grip on power.

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