Dumb Ass Booking at WWE Summer Slam

The WWE just trashed former Black women’s champion Bianca Belair and completely trivialized the importance of her match with Sasha Banks at this year’s WrestleMania.

WWE went out of its way to promote the first ever main event at WrestleMania headlined by two Black women. They did such a good job that even my wife, who doesn’t even like professional wrestling, emotionally invested in the match.

Fast forward to tonight at the world’s biggest party, Summer Slam, where the world’s most out of touch booker, Vince McMahon, made one of the world’s dumbest decisions in professional wrestling history.

Becky Lynch, a white woman that had been out of action for over a year, made a surprise appearance at the event, challenged Belair for her title, and beat her in around 0.5 seconds. It’s one thing to book Belair to loose the title, but why in such fashion?

My wife was in the room and her facial expression said it all. It was like “fuck this company, I’m out,” and then she left and went upstairs. And you know what, she’s right. Fuck WWE. I’m tired of watching this company, and all of professional wrestling really, shit on their Black performers. It’s just a platform for too many White men pretending to be tough.

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