Music is at the core of any culture and is a big part of how we are socialized. It is a major influence on values and behaviors, and can give a sense of place in the world.

Unfortunately, hip hop has been compromised by those who have no interest in using it to positively affect people, especially children, and correlates with our ineffectiveness at overcoming the effects of poverty, violence, incarceration, and death.

We seek to provide a platform for artists willing to bypass mainstream record labels and use their music and lyrics to encourage values and behaviors that will bring positive change. This is where you come in.

In order to provide the necessary resources these artists need to have sustainable careers, we need capital. By donating, you are contributing to an effort that will positively influence millions of people in future generations to come.

Let’s give music back its proper function and encourage values and behaviors oriented towards positive change.  Donate today!