Critical Race Theory, Outkast, Black Family Terrorized By Trashy Whites

I go over the latest headlines relevant to Black people on this episode: like critical race theory. How do I know what’s relevant to Black people? Because I’m Black. This means that what I consider relevant to Black people is just as credible (even more so) as what the white liberals in the mainstream considers, so fuck off.

Trashy White parents in West Virginia are using the critical race theory debate to terrorize black children. What is critical race theory? It’s bullshit, but basically it’s the study of the relationship between legislation/policy and race–the extent of the relationship, or if there is one. The concept is bullshit because racism and its’ effect on Black people is definitely real.

The supergroup Outkast is putting out new material. Finally! They will be releasing previously unreleased material from their ATLiens album. This gives occasion gives me cause to discuss the idea that hip hop music is for young people. This is the wrong attitude to have towards our music, especially when the role our music plays in shaping our behaviors is considered.

We have to stop allowing white people from profiting off of the misery they’ve historically inflicted on us and continue to inflict now. A Black woman and her family were terrorized by a white tenant on land they own in Vermont. This land happens to be on the African American Heritage route. I wonder who controls it? Hmmm….

A good companion episode to this one can be heard here. The format is a little different, but the focus is on news stories.

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critical race theory, Outkast, Black family terrorized by trashy Whites

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This is a podcast that covers news and current events from a black perspective. If you’re easily offended by truth, you better get the fuck off of here right now. Go to MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News. You’ve been warned.

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