Coca Cola Fights Racism


Coca Cola Fights Racism and Whites Push Back

Coca Cola fights racism with honesty and Whites push back??? But they’re our allies right?

Racial classifications and their meanings must be eradicated and forgotten if racism is to be peacefully eliminated. Coca Cola recently encouraged its employees to participate in an anti-racism course that in part shares this sentiment. The course, no longer offered, was very clear in its goal: to guide people towards being “less White.”

I have found so many Whites troubled by this idea. What is it that troubles them? It’s because the course’s premise strikes them at their core, Whiteness, and requires them to give up the advantage it yields: the ability to systemically oppress non-Whites with impunity.

What is an ally? According to Google, it is a state of formal cooperation. This is not true in any kind of practical sense: there is no formal agreement with Whites or any other group, nor is it true in spirit: no group is truly working to create a more equitable society free from the practice of racism.

Narratives suggesting that Whites are allies should not be taken seriously. Sure, there are individuals that are well-meaning, but as a group? Absolutely not, the suggestion is an oxymoron.

Summing Up

I applaud Coca Cola for taking steps in the right direction. Criticize the company for encouraging its workers to take a course advocating for “less Whiteness” instead of its complete eradication.

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