Capitol Hill Bomb Suspect Surrenders to Police

A man who claimed to have explosives in his pickup truck parked outside the Library of Congress was taken into custody after a five-hour standoff.

Capitol Police arrested a man Thursday who claimed to have explosives in his truck after a tense five-hour standoff, ending the immediate threat to a Capitol campus that is still reeling from the deadly insurrection earlier this year.

The suspect, who was identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry of North Carolina, was “taken into custody without incident” according to U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger.

The lengthy standoff began Thursday morning when Roseberry allegedly drove his pickup truck onto the sidewalk in front of the Library of Congress, claiming to have bombs in the vehicle.

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Summing Up

White people will continue to lash out because their birthrates continue to decline and they are heading towards minority status in this country.

Non-Whites and allies tend to rejoice at these facts but it should be remembered that minority status does not inherently mean minority treatment: in every place where Whites are the minority they still have all of the power.

The trashy Whites who are bothered by these statistics are not smart enough to understand how the racist system that benefits them works, and opponents of racism who believe that less Whites in the population means less racism do not understand either.

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