Barbershop Short: Racism and Health

I focus on racism in health on this episode. Many of the treatments and medicines that enhance our quality of life in modern times came at a cost too often paid by the unlawful violation, abuse, and torture of our ancestors’ bodies.

Despite the fact that I am vaccinated, I find it repulsive the way in which Whites and too many Black people with platforms are pressuring Black people into getting vaccinated. The goal isn’t vaccination, the goal is to limit the spread of the virus right? If people are willing to wear their masks they should be left alone.

The reluctance shared by many Black people to get vaccinated comes from a legit place, and anyone trivializing this reluctance is either confused, or they are practicing racism. Stay safe and keep your masks on!

The Barbershop Podcast

Racism in Health.

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This is a podcast that covers news and current events from a black perspective. If you’re easily offended by truth, you better get the fuck off of here right now. Go to MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News. You’ve been warned.

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