Barbershop Short: Do Black Women Benefit from Birthing Black Males? WTF! Is this Serious???

This was the topic on YouTube personality Cynthia G’s latest broadcast. The fact that a person with melanin would suggest anything like this is sickening, and also highlights why we as a people continue to be dominated by everyone else in all areas of human activity.

I take a few minutes to discuss this hateful Black woman and her slave babble of a discussion. She blames everything negative that Black women experience on Black men. Instead of having the courage to challenge White people, the source of ALL of our problems, she incorrectly places the blame on Black men.

Thousands of people, many Black, listened to this shit and actually liked it. Going forward, if this is the type of narrative Black people start supporting, then I will gladly turn in my “Black card.” I will never associate myself with a group that has the level of self-hate, pity, and cowardice present in people like Cynthia G. This woman is sick.

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Should Black Women Birth Black Males?

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