Our Attempt At Reparations

Our attempt at obtaining reparations has failed thus far.

This is a podcast that covers news and current events from a black perspective. If you’re easily offended by truth, you better get the fuck off of here right now. Go to MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News. You’ve been warned.

I came across an article about the beef between ADOS and FBA: tribalism. The goal is supposed to be reparations, so why are these two groups so bitter at each other? It’s tribalism folks, something that has been our Achilles Heal.

Our infighting is just a reflection of how disconnected we are from the political reality: even if we were all on the same page we would not be able to get an acceptable reparations package because we do not have support within the mainstream voting population for it. Yet, we act like we can afford to not be united on our core interests. Sad.

I am definitely in support of reparations, and hopefully my assessment is wrong. I just don’t see a path forward for this politically, given the country’s population make-up.

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