The Importance Of Music

Soldiers listen to music as they march into battle because it is powerful: it inspires and moves their souls so much that they put themselves in harm’s way to accomplish their mission.

At any of life’s most important moments where people are to be spiritually moved: holiday celebrations, graduations, marriage ceremonies, and death, music serves as the anchor.

To borrow from Roger Waters, pop music is mostly sugar and lacks substance. This includes hip hop by the way, where the content is mostly focused on partying, drug use, and egotistical self promotion. The question then is why is something so powerful, used so recklessly on impressionable minds?

The Problem With Conscious Music

Conscious hip hop provides much needed relief for fans looking for something with a little more substance in the genre. Although it may contain more substance than general hip hop music however, it tends to be stagnant in its approach. It only articulates the various types of struggles in Black people’s lives when it should also encourage behaviors and action conducive towards favorable political objectives that can significantly lessen the impact of these struggles, if not eliminate them all together.

Upcoming Music

The upcoming music projects currently being worked on will fill this void. The first project, The United Scum Of America, will be aggressive in tone, offensive even. The second project, Spoken Word, will have a jazz vibe: hip hop rhythms layered with a lot of piano and brass. Although stylistically different, both will encourage the listener to take constructive action against the struggles collectively being faced.

Changing The World For The Better

The mission of this record label is to provide credible alternatives for hip hop consumers by partnering with artists that connect with them through quality music and substantive lyrics, lyrics that go further than just articulating struggles faced. Maybe, once the music becomes more substantive on a massive scale, the general behaviors and actions of those it negatively influences the most will be more agreeable with constructive societal aims.