The one idea that sticks out in my mind in regards to this record label is that “anger is allowed.”  Everywhere in popular media Black people are depicted as weak and needing help from “good white people.”  We are told collectively through popular imagery and narratives that any political action from Blacks is to never be fueled by aggression or anger.  This idea is purposely misleading and undermines our actual power in this country.

The various content published on this site entertains and provides the tools needed to successfully challenge racists.  A lot of what I put out is intended to offend White people because they need to be offended.  Why keep it nice and cozy for them as they continue their oppressive ways?  What sense does this make?

I believe that every relatively sane black adult should be armed and/or trained in some kind of martial art.  I believe that anytime people are harmed like the worshippers killed by racist terrorist Dylan Storm Roof a few years back, a race between law enforcement and blacks should ensue: who will get the terrorist first?  If we posed a real threat to Whites who commit senseless violence against Blacks, maybe law enforcement itself would pursue these people more vigorously.

I do not believe the American system is the problem, but that too many people who preside over it are.  While I do not believe we have exhausted all political means to achieve our political goals, I do believe that anyone who says “violence is never an option” is either very foolish, or wishes to perpetuate racism.

It is possible to live in a world free of all types of oppression but it starts with the old idea “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.”  There should not even be a concept of “race” but there is, so this is how I respond to it.  If you have a problem with any of this then you better get the fuck out of here right now; you’ve been warned.