Dedicated to highlighting the political, social, and cultural crisis happening around the world today by way of music.  Because of its controlling effect over our emotions and behavior, we believe it no coincidence that as the content in urban music becomes more toxic, as it becomes more poisonous, people of color around the world become more ignorant, and more oppressed.

Our aim is to provide an alternative source of music that counters the toxic, racist media owned and controlled by White people, who have no concern for the well-being and/or interests of people of color, especially descendants of slaves here in the diaspora and on the African continent.

There will be no degrading of women in any recording produced from this label, nor will there be any depictions of senseless, irrational, animal-like, violent behavior amongst Black men.  We are completely focused on producing material that informs and encourages action against the people who continue to plague our experience on this planet.