The Barbershop Podcast: Crooked President Trump Attempts To Make Election Officials Overturn The Election Results, What Does It Mean To Be A Black Patriot, And How To Handle White Trolls Online…

If you’re easily offended by truth, you better get the fuck off of here right now. Go to MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News. You’ve been warned.

President Trump has exhausted all legal means of changing the election results in his favor. Now, this crook is actively attempting to strong-arm election officials into overturning the election: welcome to the Soviet Union of American States friends.

What does it mean to be a Black patriot? Yes, you have been a patriot in the past and should continue being one. This is YOUR country, for you ancestors built it with their blood, sweat, and tears; so stand up and take ownership of it! This and more on this episode.

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