The Barbershop Podcast: Joe Biden Becomes The New President Elect, Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, The Political Cowardice Of Black People And More…

Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for winning the 2020 Presidential Election and getting this current trash of a president out of office. A lot of Black people are overly emotional about the historic outcome of this election, but let me remind you that emotional sentiments do not yield results, and results are what we should be looking for from the Democratic Party, who we’ve supported unconditionally it seems for far too long.

I have read too many statements by Black people on Twitter suggesting that the symbolism of Kamala Harris, the fact that she is the first female Vice President who happens to be a woman of color, is some kind of a political win for black people. History has shown us this tends to not be the case with Black politicians: when they get into office they always neglect the specific needs of Black people. I have yet to find anything in Kamala Harris’ political past that suggests she will be any different, which is why it’s essential that we let go of all the emotional bullshit and start making demands for what we need as a people.

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