The Barbershop Podcast: Ice Cube’s Contract With Black America and Black America’s Response, White Terrorist Act Against Young Black Youth, Kamala Harris and More…

The recent response by some Blacks to Ice Cube’s recent meeting with officials from the Dump, I mean Trump administration, shows either our reading skills are not where they need to be, or that we’re too emotional when it comes to working with those in power. Instead of being all pissy about Cube making demands from those in power, we should be more focused on what the actual demands are!

A Black teen was attacked by a White terrorist last week for playing his music too loud. This is disgusting, and has your host wishing for the day when we are organized enough to find trash like this person and deal with him.

Black billionaire Robert Smith is in the news. Apparently he cheated on his taxes, but who gives a shit? I don’t. And why are Black people hating on Smith? Talking about “man, he should pay his taxes.” I say “man, you should shut the fuck up and stop hating on one of your own when they try to cheat a system that’s presided over by people who don’t respect you.” This and more on this edition of The Barbershop.

Music: 1.Mooketo, Ode to the Hero; 2. MDC, John Wayne was A Nazi; 3. Culture Club, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

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