The Barbershop Podcast: Christopher Columbus was a Fraud, The Pathetic Portrayal of Black Men in Media, The Lakers and More…

Many of you went back to work today after being off for the observance of Christopher Columbus Day. The man was a failure and is an example of white celebration of mediocrity.

I saw the movie Antebellum with my lovely wife and was highly irritated at its conclusion. We only get two minutes of “revenge time” in the movie, and once again, a black male character is portrayed as a useless, gutless, sobbing coward.

And all over, niggas are in a state of euphoria or misery because of the result of the NBA Championships. We have more important things to concern ourselves with than niggas running up and down some basketball court, or bashing their brains out on some football field for the enjoyment of rabid, white fans. This and more discussed on this episode.

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