The Barbershop Podcast: John Lewis Was Not A Hero And The Corruption Of A President

The Democrats are propping up John Lewis, calling him a hero. He was not a hero; at best, he was a person that attempted to fight racism, and failed miserably, just as you and I have failed.

As the presidential race heats up, many of you are contemplating not participating in the election. I’m not really big on telling people to vote; I just assume that there must be a good reason a person chooses not to vote in a particular race. However, some of the reasoning I’ve heard from black people is divorced from reality in regards to this presidential race; so on this episode, I set the record straight on what the stakes are. This way, a person who chooses to not vote will at the very least be informed on what the potential risks are. I think this is my most important episode to date. Thank you for listening.

Music: 1. TRU, No Limit Soldiers; 2. Roger Waters, Deja Vu; 3. MDC, John Wayne Was A Nazi; 4. Jefferson Starship, Miracles; 5. Yes, Starship Trooper

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