News Podcast: The Barbershop, J Cole, Celebrities And Social Activism, The Murder Of Black Men, Developing A Code Of Behavior

A lot of dark news covered on this episode of The Barbershop. People are drawing their lines in the sand: it seems as if some in law enforcement are retaliating against the public for the political fallout they are experiencing as a result of George Floyd’s murder, and their supporters are becoming much more hostile in their speech and action.

No one will solve our problem, which is why we must develop a code of behavior agreeable with our main cultural goal: the acquisition of power. Once we have true power, the racist system will crumble, and it will be possible to produce justice on this planet.

Celebrities can play a huge part in producing justice: ensuring that no one gets mistreated, and those in need of help most, gets it. I go over ways in which celebrities can effectively participate in undermining this rotten, stinking system.

Music: 1. The Golden Swords, From A Son To A Father_The Letter

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The Barbershop

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