Opinion: Entire Buffalo Emergency Response Team Resigns, Congress Works On Legislation For Better Policing, Policy Ideas To Counter Terrorist Police, And The Blue Code Of Silence

You live in a racist system. This system is global, meaning that you can not escape it friend. The only racists on this planet are whites; everyone else just responds. This is the perspective from which I write. Thank you.

A few days ago in Buffalo NY, the miserable police force attacked a 70 plus year old man, violently pushing him to the ground while he was doing his duty as a citizen and protesting injustice in this pathetic country. The man hit his head when he fell, completely knocking himself out. The police officers did not tend to the man’s well-being, they just stepped over him like he was nothing but dirt. Luckily he didn’t die.

The two officers that pushed this man have been suspended. In response to this justified suspension, the remaining officers in their unit have all resigned in solidarity with these two morons. Luckily I’m not the mayor, because all of these so-called police officers would be fired. You see, this is part of the “code of silence” and “brothers in blue” narrative that many idiots joining law enforcement agencies across the country adhere to. More on this later.

Many are now calling for Congress to be more aggressive in regulating standards in law enforcement. Well, at least there are real policy suggestions out there as opposed to just protests without demands. The federal government however is currently limited in its ability to project power over police, as the Constitution calls for policing to be governed by states. That means that it’s time now to get active as a citizen: find like-minded individuals in your community, write out the changes that need to take place in policing in your community, and look for candidates that will carry out your policy objectives. And, be ready for strong opposition: the misinformed, Trump supporters, people who blindly support law enforcement, and racist bigots. In localities where these people make up a bigger percentage of voters, it may not be possible to get enough electoral victories to bring desired policy changes. In these instances, you have to make life difficult for these people. No longer do they get to live without consequences for their indifference towards fellow human beings at the ballot box. These communities need to experience organized disruption, so that there is a price paid for voters who choose to side with policies that perpetuate abuse of powers by law enforcement.

Here are some policy ideas for you: demilitarize the police, take away their guns, mandate that body cameras remain on at all times, give body armor to all officers, and establish community review boards that screen all potential recruits. These are just some ideas for policy aims we all can work towards. Hold your mayors, city halls, county executives, and commissioners accountable!

Lastly, a word about this “brothers in blue” code prevalent throughout police forces in this country. You fuckers act as if you are on some foreign land fighting a foreign enemy. You believe that it’s you and your so-called “brothers in blue” against the world. You are supported by idiots that say things like “if we don’t support our police, there will be anarchy and loss of order.” You people are pathetic, and you’re probably Trump supporters.

Let me kindly remind you dip shits that it is at the public’s consent you serve. My tax dollars pays for your service, if you can call it that. I am your employer, I am your boss. It is through my consent that you can exercise lethal force when deemed necessary. We are not the enemy, and this is what you all need to remember.

The code of silence that you have is not respectable, it’s trash. You guys are not brave, you’re cowards. You join the police force because you’ve been getting you asses kicked your entire lives, and now because you have a badge, you think you have a little power and you want to project. Too many of you are racist, and you are infiltrating law enforcement all over this country, bringing your warped view of black people to the job, and letting it guide how you treat the people you are supposed to be serving.

You all want us to romanticize about your service. You all want us to look at your jobs as dangerous, and view you as being so brave for doing something most supposedly can’t do. Well, I don’t romanticize police, and you’re not really all that brave. I mean you have all the advantages over us, which is fine, but I’m just saying. Wearing a blue uniform doesn’t necessarily mean you’re brave, it just means you’re employed.

The police officers who stand up to this code of silence are the brave ones. The police officers who expose their crooked colleagues are the brave ones. The police officers that put down their shields and march with protestors are the brave ones. You officers in Buffalo that have resigned, you are not brave.

Question, were there any black police officers that resigned? I hope not. There is nothing more sorry and pathetic than hearing some black officer say some shit like “my brothers in blue,” or, “these are my brothers.” Shout out to Ice Cube, who threw in that line about “black police showing out for the white cop” in the NWA classic “Fuck Tha Police.” Yes, this is a real phenomenon and it’s sad, and if you’re a black police officer doing this, stop being a gutless, no good, stinking coward, and have some self-respect, because i guarantee they don’t have any for you.

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