Opinion: Summer of 2020, George Floyd, Protests, Ice Cube

You live in a racist system. This system is global, meaning that you can not escape it friend. The only racists on this planet are whites; everyone else just responds. This is the perspective from which I write. Thank you.

I just read online that Ice Cube has been receiving backlash for asking the question: “when do we strike back?” He was tweeting about George Floyd’s murder by the racist, terrorist, police officers who suffocated him for allegedly spending a counterfeit $20 bill. I guess they feared for their lives.

It’s very interesting how so many people claim to be so concerned with how black people are treated, they’re supposed to be so-called allies, anti-racists; but yet, when a black person suggests meeting senseless brutality with force, the suggestion is labeled as unreasonable, militant, or trivialized as an idea not to be taken seriously.

Black people should not criticize other black people for suggesting to inflict pain and discomfort on people who do not see us as human, regardless of if it is police officers who unjustly take our lives, or the millions of voters in this country that vote for confederate sympathizing, racist sympathizing, public officials. No one is above being held accountable for abusing black people, whether it be with guns, policy decisions, or votes at the ballot box.

In the past few days I have seen videos of police officers beating black women in a shopping center parking lot, a white man chasing a group of protestors with a sword, like a fucking samurai warrior, and a white police officer violently pushing a young black protestor who was already kneeling on the ground, surrendering. Yea that’s right, just pushed him like he was nothing.

When the public observes law enforcement being unjustly violent, the public should step in immediately and check police. Remember, government is given the exclusive right to use force by us, but when the right is abused, we must temporarily take it back right away.

What type of a man throws a woman on the ground, breaking her collar bone? But this was done by a police officer in Atlanta. And what kind of people stand around and do nothing when this takes place? What kind of people sit and watch four police officers brutally suffocate a man to death; watch as he calls out for his mother, then takes his last breath?

This is disgusting, cowardly behavior. More people should have the same type of energy as Ice Cube, and less that of Miami based rapper Trina, who referred to looters as animals. Black people behaving disorderly is just as valid as those who peacefully protest, both have their place. Disruption is the name of the game folks. Protests only work when the people who the protests are aimed at realize that the cost to continue mistreating the aggrieved is too high, and are made to understand that the better option is to meet their demands.

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